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Clarage is the heavy duty division of Twin City Fan Companies Ltd. that specializes in designing and manufacturing custom heavy duty fans. With nearly 140 years of experience, Clarage’s long-standing reputation and market expertise has made us the industry’s leading manufacturer.   

AirPro’s full line of heavy-duty centrifugal fans & blowers are custom or pre-engineered for industrial applications. All products are designed, built, and serviced with high-quality construction and guaranteed reliability with a 3-year warranty.

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LAPCO delivers expert heat transfer engineering with custom design and fabrication procurement solutions to every region of the U.S., Canada and across the world, for even the most demanding applications including: Combustion Air Reheating, Boiler Air Preheating, De-superheating, Pocket Vent Heating, Fluid Bed Heating, In-Bed Drying, Economizers, Wall Heaters, Flue Gas Reheating, Biomass Heating & Cooling, Oil Cooler, Turbine Inlet Heating & Cooling, Generator Cooling, Autoclave, and Air Cooled Condensers. LAPCO's expertise has allowed for successful execution of challenging projects in every heat transfer related market such as: Fossil Fuel Power Generation, Pulp & Paper, Automotive, Industrial Processes, and Oil & Gas.

Damper Technology LTD (DTL) has continued to build on a growing worldwide reputation for quality, innovation, product reliability and cost effectiveness, becoming one of the world leaders in the Damper Market Place. DTL offers a range of dampers such as Butterfly Dampers, Multilouvre Dampers, Guillotine Dampers, Diverters & T-Ducts, Stack  Dampers, High Pressure & Sulphuric Acid Plant Dampers, Gas Cleaning Damerps, and Radial Vane Dampers. DTL dampers are designed and manufactured to suit many different applications, operational conditions and industries such as: SHP, WHRU and HRSG Systems, Offshore/Oil & Gas, Gas Turbine Exhaust, Power Generation, Gas Cleaning, Stack Isolation, Cement & Metallurgical, Tunnel Ventilation, Gas & Diesel Engine Exhaust,  Fan Inlet Control and General Industrial.

We pride ourselves on providing high quality products from these manufacturers and offer a quality guarantee on all items.

Large or small, your request will be met with expert advice, individualized attention, and innovative solutions. Contact AirFlow Sales, LLC and discover all we have to offer. Our staff is looking forward to speaking with you.

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